Why Kettlebell?



Kettlebell Training will lead to quicker fat loss. The dynamic, full-body movements aren’t designed to bulk you up. Rather, the result tends to be the long, lean look often associated with Pilates or yoga.  

Kettlebells increase your metabolism by creating dense muscle mass.  “There is no better way to burn fat than with a few high rep sets of kettlebell swings, snatches, and clean and jerks. These killer ballistic exercises work your body as one unit and require a great deal of hard work. The harder you work the more calories you burn. This is why sprinters are ripped to shreds and marathon runners have a skinny-fat look.”

Kettlebell isn’t so much about lifting weight as it is about swinging it. The most basic move, in fact, is called the swing; it requires squatting to lift the handle with one or  two hands, sticking out your rear end, thrusting your hips forward and using that momentum to send the kettlebell soaring up and back down into another swing.  In just that one exercise, you’ve tested your strength (particularly in the hamstrings and glutes), your coordination and, with enough reps, your cardiovascular capacity. “Women are lower-body dominant, so we’re used to powering up with our legs.”

In order to control the weight you must employ the use of the stabilizing muscles. Isolation exercises such as those done with dumbbells and barbells do not hit those stabilizing muscles to the same degree. Isolation exercises train only the major muscle groups. 

Kettlebell training mimics natural human movement thereby making everyday activities easier and injury less likely. Kettlebell training offers the most functional training possible, because all parts of the body must work as a unit.

fitnessmarriagekb                                                                                                                                    Movements are simple and you can start using your kettlebells right away and virtually anywhere. Anyone can do it and should be doing it. You don’t have to be Russian to enjoy benefits of Russian Kettlebell Training. 🙂 But you do need the initial proper instruction of performing kettlebell workouts, safely with an experienced kettlebell instructor. 

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