My wife, Diane, and I, have been doing partners training with Lynn Carpenter, at SWAT Fitness, for over a year and a half. We train for one hour, three times a week. Many couples play golf, go bowling, go dancing, etc. We consider this a social thing that we do together, and have a blast doing it. I’m not trying to say this isn’t hard work,…it is! However, DianDavid and Diane Nicolettie, I, and Lynn, have turned it into a time of work, fun, complaining, whining, and more fun. Diane and I joke around that Lynn is mean, but we love her, and we love how we feel when our workout is over. Energized! Lynn has shown herself to be a very professional, knowledgeable guide to fitness for us. From showing us proper form and technique, to constantly changing our workout routine, she’s guided us to become stronger, reduce our body fat content, and build significant lean muscle. If you want to make significant gains in fitness, see Lynn Carpenter. If you want to make it more fun, bring a partner too.” – David Nicoletti, Tucson, AZ.


“Hi Lynn,
I have to tell you, it really makes me feel like you go the extra mile for your clients.  It helps me commit to the program when I see how dedicated you are. Having used another trainer with your company, I know this is something you choose to do for your clients; it’s not required. I particularly appreciate the section on kids and family. My daughter brings so much joy to my life and I can’t wait to share these ideas with her. I really enjoyed my workout.  You seem to understand my struggle. Thanks so much!” ~Heidi Verry, Tucson


I wanted to give a rundown on the personal trainer that I was fortunate to work with for 3 months, Lynn Carpenter. When I came to SWAT Fitness in January and was paired up with Lynn, I was in a life slump. I was bored, tired, lazy,and fed up. Lynn was encouraging and firm which was the exact combination that I needed in a trainer. She would push me to my limit and give me the extra nudge when I needed it. Her smile was helpful when I wanted to throw in the towel and her knowledge of exercises, healthy diet, and keeping a variety in the mix kept me from getting bored.  My strength increased tremendously throughout my training with her.  I would absolutely refer family and friends to train at SWAT Fitness, as well as work with Lynn if they had the chance. She is such an asset to the business; you guys should hold on to her. Thanks for everything.” All my Best, N.V., Tucson


“MyLynn – is truly My Lynn! Working out can be such a chore for me and having worked with several different trainers, I learned quite a few things. My experience with Lynn was my most favorite. Lynn cares about her clients and her one on ones are just that. You have her undivided attention and Lynn watches your form and technique, she will make any changes immediately if she sees you are doing something that could potentially hurt you. She shows you every move on each piece of equipment before you do it and is there for you every step of the way. She is encouraging, and positive and gives you help in every area of fitness, from eating habits to workout routines. With all of Lynn’s help, now that she is no longer in the area, I am able to work out on my own using the many different routines she taught me and I am very comfortable doing them on my own and I know I am doing them correctly because of her training. If you want a positive, uplifting, fabulous, fun workout – then Lynn is the trainer for you! I really miss you Lynn, but I wish you well.” – Fran, Tucson


“I am delighted to write a Letter of Recommendation for Lynn Carpenter. She was my personal trainer and was excellent.
1. She worked me hard but knew when it was time to stop pushing. She was very much in touch with the skill level of her clients.
2. Lynn created a personal diet plan for me which I feel was outstanding.  I needed the concise information and planning guide she provided.
3. I needed special information about how to train while traveling. She created workouts for me that would accommodate my travel involving bands and walls and exercises I could do in my hotel room.
4. In addition to her excellent skill and knowledge as a trainer, she develops excellent rapport with her clients. Although I am unreasonably out of shape, she was understanding and had the patience to keep me motivated.
I have known many personal trainers and Lynn was by far the best that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”-Karen Black, Tucson


Copyright Sure Photography

Copyright Sure Photography

“In 2006, I competed in my first Natural Bodybuilding competition. Without the help of Lynn Carpenter preparing for that show would not have been possible. Lynn monitored my diet and my workouts. She was constantly modifying both if something was not working. She continued to push me past my limits. She always expected more even when I was whined and wanted to quit.

She will never let you give up and will continue to encourage you to reach your goals. Lynn doesn’t always have to say much, she has this look that says, Don’t wimp out on me. Because of this look, I lifted more and pushed harder. Lynn is an inspiration and I can’t thank her enough for all that she did for me.” –Mikhail, Tucson


“Let me share with all of the Phoenix/ Scottsdale socialites how fabulous you are!!! My experience with with Lynn was a life changing one.  Last summer, I was at an uncomfortable weight, and size.  Prior to working with her, I had a gym membership… one that I rarely used. I would attend a class here and there, and I would walk around looking at the weights doing one of two things.  I either tried to copy what other people were doing with their weights, or I just simply wondered what to do with the weights and would just make up some weird exercise that hurt… so it must be effective…  right? I met Lynn in Tucson, and we hit it off immediately. Although she was soft spoken, she was very assertive when it came to fitness and she really knew what she is doing. While working with Lynn, I learned how to work every muscle group. and learned how to use many pieces of equipment to my physical advantage. She taught me how to utilize kettle bells, medicine balls, the BOSU ball, and free-weights amongst other things to whip my body into great shape. I know how to do at least 15+ exercises using each of those items. I also learned the importance of interval training using both the treadmill and the elliptical.  I lost weight and inches quickly while working with Lynn. My experience with her at the private training facility increased my confidence when it came to my working out at my original gym.  I now knew how to use the equipment, including the free-weights.  People were now watching me workout, and trying to imitate my form.  I enjoy working out now, and hated it prior to meeting Lynn. Lynn is a great trainer. She is understanding, compassionate, yet she is a driver. She pushes you to work hard.  She pushes you to achieve your goals… exceed your goals. If you stick with Lynn, you will see results…  I did!” – L Ramsey, Tucson


“We have had several trainers each had their own gifts, but Lynn has far surpassed them all. From the first day she has always been professional and personal. I can’t believe how many different exercises and ways of using the different machines, she can come up with. It was several weeks before we did the same exercise twice! She seems to instinctively know what weight, and how many reps are right. I really appreciated this about her, because I have some arthritis, and a chronic back issue. She somehow has been able to fix the back issue. I used to be bothered with it every few weeks, but now it has been months, and I can do a lot more than I was previously able to! I will be forever grateful for that. I think it’s because my muscles are doing what they are supposed to do! She is very good about working all the muscles, not just the large ones. I think that really helps protect the joints. She has taught me how important continuing weight training and exercising is, especially as we age.

The people @ work started asking me if I was losing weight, and I really haven’t lost much, but my shape and posture are changing, I think I look better, feel better, and sleep better. My husband has had a huge abdominal hernia repair recently, and I was a little worried about getting him back to exercising, but Lynn has been very gentle, but firm enough to get those supporting muscles working again. My husband can be difficult to motivate, and Lynn is a real trooper about that. She would train us both together for an hour, and keep us both busy! I really was amazed at how she would do that. She is very organized and focused. We really miss her, she has really got the knack for the personal trainer thing. I really feel you won’t be able to find a better one.”- Tom & Karen Arbogast, Tucson


“I’ve loved training with Lynn (which says a lot since I’m really crazy about working out). There are a lot of great things about Lynn – she’s prepared for my workouts, they are varied and challenging and I am doing things I never imagined I could. I recommend her without reservation.” – Jacqueline Murray, Phoenix


“Lynn was my personal trainer after my hernia repair surgery. Without doing one crunch or sit up, she worked with me tightening my belly and core. Not only was I showing a little definition on my body, my tummy was getting firm. She was always motivated, prepared and really knew what she was doing. I was never sore which was great too. Thank you Lynn, you are truly an inspiration.”- Diane Garcia, Tempe

“Hi Lynn,
I came across you website when I was googling for Swat.
I took your morning classes at Swat for a year and a half
and you introduced me to kettlebells. THANK YOU!
Kettlebells have truly changed my life and I don’t believe
I have ever been healthier.
My RKC page:
Thanks again!”- Darren, Tucson


“I have had the pleasure of participating in one-on-one training sessions as well as taking Crossfit classes with Lynn Carpenter since July of 2012. Her classes are innovative, motivating and best of all, fun! One-on-one, she is attentive, encouraging and her enthusiasm for fitness is contagious. She is a consummate professional, amazingly knowledgeable and the absolute best at what she does! I feel extremely fortunate to have had the chance to meet her and work out with her. I have always been active, however, Lynn was able to renew my enthusiasm and as a result of her creative workouts, have seen a marked difference and positive results. I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about this exceptional trainer!” -Andrea Danis, Scottsdale


“I trained with Lynn for several months in 2011 and 2012 while in  Scottsdale for the fall and winter. I think the thing I enjoyed most about working with Lynn is that she doesn’t follow a routine. She varies between TRX, kettle bells, kickboxing, free weights, machines, and floor work such that the work-outs are never boring. More importantly, I think that switching things up kept my body guessing and led to better and faster results. In my experience, it is unusual to find a trainer with the knowledge and flexibility to keep work-outs as interesting and as enjoyable as Lynn  does. She’s great!” -Kerrie Hale, Scottsdale


“When I was first introduced to Lynn, I thought she might be a sweet, quiet, shy trainer. Boy, was I in for a surprise! Don’t get me wrong, she is sweet and we’ve remained friends since she moved from Tucson to Phoenix, but she worked my tail off every single session. She is tough and strong as nails but a sweetheart too. We never did the same exercise routine twice and that kept me from getting bored. She helped me work through a few old injuries until I was strong and pain free in those areas for the first time in many years. I wish she would move back to Tucson because I miss her smiling face, knowledge about fitness, and passion to help others.” –Lisa VanHolsbeke on Oct 23, 2011, Tucson


“I have been training with Lynn for 9 months and set out to reach specific goals related to overall fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, and balance. She was the second trainer I worked with and I found her to be exceptional. Her attention to detail during a session is impressive. She is patient, inspirational, and fun to work with. I have been successful in gaining on all of the goals mentioned above. She has taught me new ways to exercise which have allowed me to work out with more efficiency and success than ever before. I highly recommend Lynn as a personal trainer and someone who can also give advice about diet and other health related issues.” -Charles Lakin, San Diego


“Lynn has been my fitness coach for over a year and I cannot recommend her more highly. Her knowledge is extensive and I am constantly amazed at how she keeps on coming up with new exercises to work specific areas. Her indepth knowledge of physiology and nutrition provide a holistic approach to maximum health and well being. On top of this she is a delightful person with positive energy in an easy going attitude. I absolutely recommend Lynn for anyone wanting to improve their relationship to health, vitality and strength.”- Jane Halsey, San Diego


“Lynn is a excellent trainer. When I met Lynn I had chronic pain issues. I have always exercised but was very limited. Lynn helped me build muscle and regain strength that I never thought I would have. Lynn is very knowledgeable in all areas of training along with rehab. I also had Lynn work with my son after a dislocated shoulder. Quality person Quality trainer. My Lynn gotta love her.” – Denise Thompson, San Diego


“If you’re looking for an incredibly motivational and talented personal trainer and wellness coach, look no further- Lynn is your gal. I worked next to Lynn for close to two years and witnessed first hand the transformations she inspired and led. Her many certifications in Personal Training make her a true master trainer and I believe that she will be able to accommodate any type of client because of this. Her contagious energy, enthusiasm, and kindness radiate to all of those around her and this truly makes her a pleasure to be around in a work environment and be trained by her. Lynn can light up a room. For any training needs, wellness and life coaching, or nutrition- Lynn needs to be your go to gal. You won’t find any better!” – Anna Kelley, San Diego