Fit For Fido

This recipe yields at least one weeks worth of supplemental food for Fido. Add it to one meal with a bit less of dry kibble. Make as much as you think your Fido will be able to enjoy in one week. Get creative with it! Introduce it slowly though to not give Fido a belly ache. All Fido’s love this grub and will chow it down!


2 Cups cooked yams or sweet potatofrenchieating

20 oz package Lean Ground Turkey

3/4 Cup Old Fashioned Oats

1/4 Cup Ground Flax Seed Meal

2 Tbsp Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

1/2 Cup Water


  • Optional Ingredients

Peas (add in)

Mango (add in)

Brown Rice (in place of oats)

Ground Chicken (in place of turkey)



Step 1: Wash and pierce yams and place into microwave on “potato” setting. Cook until they are soft to the touch.┬áPlace Ground Turkey in large skillet and cook over medium-high heat and break apart until crumbly.

Step 2: Add remaining 5 ingredients and combine well.

Step 3: Remove from heat and pour into large bowl or leave in skillet to cool.

Step 4: When yams are cooled and safe to handle, remove the insides from the skin and add to the turkey mixture. Mash it all together so that it is a nice consistency for Fido, taking into consideration the size of you Fido. Fully cool before storing or serving.