The Best Of….

Arizona and San Diego

“Where my Hair Diva’s at?……

 If you are ever in Scottsdale, Arizona or San Diego, California and are in need of a Kick Ass Beauty makeover for your hair….these ladies are the Shiznit! Seriously!”

   Hair Color & Extensions/Arizona

“Where my Blondes at?”

                     …..Lisa Fresa knows blonde hair color. Take it from me, I was a platinum blonde for years, with extensions and she knew exactly how to take my hair color to its perfection with lots of TLC.



“Locks of Love”

                   …..Ashley has the lock on Premium Human Hair Extensions. She specializes in the MicroLink method. You will be looking like the Goddess you have always been destined to be in no time.






Hair Color & Extensions/San Diego:


“Who doesn’t love Beautiful San Diego?….Home of the True Blondes….lol. Well those of you who try to be or try to keep that color flowing know what I mean. You know who you are! Sorry, I’m bias….because I’m a blonde. But Trust me, this San Diego beauty knows how to rock other hair colors and hair extensions as well.”

“Check this Beauty Out”

………Franki does an amazing job with hair extensions. She primarily uses the Dream Catcher hair extensions. I went to her a year ago to try and tone my platinum to my darker root color. She did a great job and for the first time in almost 9 years that I have been wearing hair extensions….my hair started to grow and become stronger than it ever had. I know much of it was from staying away from the platinum coloring which can be damaging to your hair ladies if done too often. Franki knows hair. 😉