Lynn Carpenter

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San Diego, California

Elite Private Personal Trainer –

Online Fitness and Nutrition Coach

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist
  • Russian Kettlebell Instructor
  • Natural Bodybuilding Competitor


“Hey Corporate America….

busy moms and dads….

Andropausal men & Menopausal women…

We need to talk!”


If I told you I know the secret to slowing the aging process, would you listen?

Take it from me, I was a busy mom and was entering the pre menopausal state. But I flipped the switch on the latter. I can show you how.

For improved fitness, stamina, strength, muscle gains or for weight loss, I will guide you, teach you and support you in achieving a healthier body that you’ve always wanted…or once had and want back. Invest in yourself.


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“I highly recommend Lynn Carpenter to anyone looking for a life- changing and healthier lifestyle. Lynn is not only my personal trainer but she is also my mentor; she guides and helps me achieved my fitness goal- having a Fit body and mind. Meeting her is life- changing! I suffered from plantar fasciitis, hypertension, & was very uncomfortable with my weight and size. Within 6 months of working with Lynn, my suffering from plantar fasciitis was resolved and within a year, I dropped down to 9 dress sizes, no more high blood pressure and able to wear my high heels again! She helps me bring back my confidence that I’ve lost when I started gaining weight after I had my child.

I’d worked with other personal trainers before, but what makes Lynn different from the rest is her PASSION for what she does and COMPASSION for me. She listens… cares… motivates…. and inspires! Lynn empowers me with her in- depth knowledge of exercise techniques and inspires me with great results! Every session with her involves something new, motivating , and effective. She always carries herself with great professionalism; and possesses this soft- spoken and gentle demeanor but yet very assertive when it comes to fitness and a great motivator when I feel like giving up…I truly believe I owe the success of my fitness goals to her patience, support , and guidance.”
– Quennie Abaquin, Phoenix


Before and After 6 month Transformation




Before and After 6 Month Transformation

This time last year my focus and personal trainer helped me work toward my 30 lb weight loss.If she didn’t push me, I would probably still be working on 5 lbs. Thanks Lynn! I’m so thankful for all the times you worked with my schedule, brought the workout to my house while I was still intimidated by the gym, then helped me graduate to a big gym. Not that I’m going anywhere, but I’m glad to know you’ll always be available to help even if for online fitness and nutrition coaching.” 😀💪🏼👙-Erin Talley, San Diego








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